Monday, May 28, 2007


Forgiveness. It is the greatest gift that God has ever given us, yet the absolute hardest to attain. The past few weeks have been revelatory. Forgiveness has absolutely shoved its way into my life, forcing itself within my grasp in the most peculiar of ways. It has always been something that I wanted to gain a hold of, but never did I imagine that God would throw me into its acceptance in the particular circumstance that he has. Though it makes perfect sense to me on a grand scale, my mind often has trouble wrapping itself around the reasoning for this seemingly arduous technique. Oh, God. It seems as though he can take any complicated situation, make it even more complicated, and beyond all of the toil, transform it into something that is infinitley lovely. I'm incredibly uneasy about going down this road, but very excited about being a living example of forgiveness and attaining the tranquility that my heart so desires.

{ I've got a long way to go. }

Friday, May 4, 2007

procrastination at it's peak

So, I am now a new member of the blogger community. This cannot be a good thing, for as we speak, I am delaying what is the inevitable beginning of a very important paper for this bumbling post about procrastination. Does that even make any sense? Somehow, within the past two years of virtually slaving away in academia (ok, exaggeration), I have now fallen just short of being profusely apathetic. This is probably because I am in my fifth year of college, in which I still have one summer semester and fall semester to fight my way through. Why is it that I allow this overabundance of lethargy to continue? The answer to this question has yet to reveal itself to me. All too often, I find myself dawdling around on the internet instead of doing my assignments. Some of these assignments, mind you, are incredibly miniscule and involve minimal effort, yet I can't seem to put forth even a fraction of effort. So here I am again at another semesters end, racing and worrying about assignments and grades that I have previously neglected. But where am I? Oh, right. I'm here, blogging away about how I spend more time online rather than being submerged in my studies. Paradox? Slightly. Then again, this is pretty typical of my nature. Thus, by making this post, I have reached the sheer peak of my procrastination.